On the way to Mongolia! (...and pictures, finally!)


Vostoknauts has now spent approx 20 days in Siberia. The last visit was to the Olkhon-island with some friends (Lee,Mirko,Miika,Sheryl and "Dave";England) we met at the hostel in Irkutsk. On the way we met Kasia (Poland) in the same minibuss, she was also going to the island and meet some shamans.

The island was really beautiful, specially the sunsets. The village in Olkhon had houses of wood that looked that they were built in the last century, simpel and beautiful. We assume that the winters here are really cold and wonder how people can live in their simple houses. The island got electricity as late as in 2005.

Sunsets in Olkhon island.

We were also swiming in the worlds deepest lake (max depth 1637 m), Baikal. The water was cold but it was worth it. Here's a picture of two freezing Vostoknauts, Walter and Linda:
Vostoknauts and Kasia stayed in Olkhon an extra day while the Brits went back to Irkutsk. We explored the island a little bit and Kasia met finally a shaman. She was very happy to meet him. Linda had a small hangover from the shampanskaya and vodka we drank the night before :)
Kasia, Linda and Nanna exploring the Shaman rock.

The worst toilet experience so far has been on the harbour at Olkhon-island. The womens toilet looked like this:
People just dont hit the hole!

Now we are in Irkutsk killing some time until the train departures to Ulan-Baataar. We have eaten well and are now sitting in the Netcafe writing mails and blog (as you can notice we have finally found out how to change the language of the blog and how to upload images!).

Look how Linda is scared of the salad! it contains pickled cucumber, carrot and rodbeta (Rosolli) :)

Vi**u ja Vi**upaa, kumpi on kumpi?
A loaf of bread we found in the supermarket, looks like a pu**y :)

Best regards,
Walter, Nanna and Linda

p.s. Look at the other pictures we have edited in the old posts! d.s.


Anonymous said...

Hejsan! Ni tycks ha varit med om en massa roliga äventyr och sett vackra platser! Har säkert varit jätte roligt :) Trevlig fortsättning på resan, hoppas allt går lika bra i fortsättningen!


Anonymous said...


Vi hade lite motgangar pa vagen till Ulanbaatar (men mera om det i nasta bloginlagg, nar vi hinner skriva). Annars har allt gatt bra fortfarande.