First morning at the Lenin hostell

Yesterday we walked alot. We tried to find a ticket office that could sell tickets in russia and to mongolia.

We only managed to get tickets to Barnaul (via Novosibirsk). To buy tickets in russia is filled with byrocracy and nowbody knows for shure how to do it. Be prepared to spend a whole day to buy tickets. During the day we saw Kreml, Moscow river and the Gorky park. The sceneries and buildings were nice, the city is in better shape than we thought. Of course you can se some details from the kommunist days, but it has changed probably alot.

Today we are supposed to see some sights for real.



Arrival to Moscow!

Hei Dii Hoo!

we have arrived to Moscow today. The train trip was a bit of experience, there I already felt helpless when nearly none of the staff spoke english...

The hostell we have booked for 2 nights is called Lenin :) . It was pretty hard to find, along the searching we also found a brittish girl, Laura, that is also sleeping in our dorm. The hostell is weird... we had to wait for an hour for the receptionist and then the dude is a little bit confused, probably hangover :)

Here is also an adorable cat that walks around and finds somebody to tap...

... now we have to find our beds. See you soon,



Feelings from a Vostoknaut aprox. 6 hours before launch!

I can’t belive it, today I jump on a train and to Moscow and I am not coming back before end of August. Taking the train to Moscow feels like a weekend trip. Usually when I leave Finland I take a plane…taking the train feels like I am just going to meet a friend in a naibouring city.

When I returned from my “around the world tour” a litle over an year ago I needed to start planning a new trip. And quite fast I found out that Walla was intrested to explore Siberia and so was I. So we have been palying with different ideas for about a year and now the plan is to take the train from Helsinki to Moscow and onward trough Siberia and Mongolia to China.

A couple of months ago allso Wallas girlfriend Nanna got an okey from her boss for a one month vaccation and decided to join us. And then things started to happend. We applyed for visas to all the thre countries and booked some train tickets and a Camel Trek. We planned to buy the rest of the train tikets on our way in Russia...but now we are a bit worried. It seams thet traveling with the Trans Siberian is very popular and it’s high season so the trains are over booked...but we are flexible so hopefully we get a chance to book all the resting tickets in Moscow otherwise, who knows all our traveling plans has to be change.

There has been happening so much in my life this spring and time passed with such spead that I am supprised I am on my way. Even if everything is okey and my backpack is packed once again I feel really unprepared. Luckyly we hav Nanna with us, because she has been reading everything about Russia and Mongolia the passing months and she will be our cultural guide. Walla is the one who is going to get us in the most wierdest situations and I am just going to relax and enjoy the ride. Maybe I can come with some practical point of views about traveling in general.

Nanna is allso the language person, she has been studying Russian for a while and I did a short Russiand language course this spring. So I know the alphabet and I can say my name and hello...:D

So the three of us will be adding stories to this blog in various languages, all filled with spelling misstakes...I just realized I don’t have a spelling program on this computer...sorryJ We will allso mark our rout on a map, you can find a link to it in the right column.

I hope we can amuse you with funny, intresting and crazy stories about our adventures.

The exitement is rising, can’t wait to take my over packt backpack on my back again and head east. For those hwo knows me from when I was a teen knows what it means when I say “ Finally Väshä goes Russia”!

Hugs! - Linda alias Vostoknaut Väke-