Last Vostoknaut returns


As most of you know, i returned to Finland at the 13.9. This is like 1 week ago. Now I have settled down in Finland to seek work. Life here seems to be pretty empty without anything concrete in the future. Yes I've met some friends but it still feels weird to be here.

Well, the last days in Shanghai went to realize that what my time in Shanghai wont last for long, this time. I spent it with the Matsons and Outis as much as i could. I promised myself that i will return to Shanghai (or China).

This is me on an electric scooter, pretty handy to go shopping food from lokal market.

Here you can se me, Markku and Julia on the way to the market. The trafic could be realy messy so I had to use all my senses to avoid any accidents.

Here is a Chinese man drinking water at the lokal market.

The fish and whatever that live in water... :)

It was crab season, so there were alot of these!

This is the more interesting part of the shop. Here you could find eel, living fish, turtles, frogs and other delicious food.

Aren't these frogs cute? ... on yout plate :)

These bastards are also for sale...

An evening view in Shanghai (near a electronic hell-market)

Markku and Julia waiting for Tony the driver to pick us up. We had been the whole evening trying to find iPods and camcorders...

There was a camera market with ~4 floors. Here the police dudes gets their delivered food!

This is from Mats office, pretty nice. From left: Me, Toni, Mats and Vera.

Here is the office crew: Toni, Mats, Outi, and Vera. Andy is missing! Perhaps he got afraid of the camera!? :)

We had a "see-you-soon" dinner with the families, Vera and Toni. Here Toni helps Malin to get some noodles.

Here we are sitting at the table. The dinner was realy good, especially the Hot beef ;)

Becoming Vostoknaut Emil, is realy enjoying the meal!

Malin enjoys her dinner with a smile!

Emil has a thoughtful look, wonder what he thinks. Fortunately he will soon be able to tell when he learns to speak!

The reastaurant had a playground, where the girls played a little bit.

What the heck am I doing in the Bussiness waiting room? Yes, I ate too much of the hot beef last night, this resulted a diarre that lasted the whole night! Well, after becoming totaly empty a handfull of coal pills made it better. Altough i had some stomach ache all the way... At the airport we got realy good service when i explained my small problem. I and Markku checked in at the business counter and got the invitation to business lounge, check-in gave us also good seats at the front and did not charge for the 5 kg overweight. Thanks!

A view from our window. The Brittish football team was in Shanghai, probably the womens WC.

Clear sky above Shanghai!

Obligatory flight food picture. Suprise, suprise sweet and sour chicken :) It was good. The second meal was not nice at all.

Hellsinki is somewhere there.

Touch down. Here starts my life in Finland...

The last Vostoknaut has entered the Finish territory and is looking forward to see what future brings along... hopfully Shanghai.

-*Over and Out*-

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Jesús said...

Welcome back to Europe!!
I know your feeling... I'm also currently looking for a job. But I try to fill the emptyness (and sadness :P) with more trips :P This days: Norway... soon, Finland? Wait me there! ;-)

Hope everything is fine and you will find a good job soon (in Shanghai! :D).

Ha det bra och vi hörs!